A blog about life from someone just getting started

Over the past year I have learned how vital it is to prioritize your mental health and deal with demons that linger on a day-today basis. Through this blog I will take you through the journey of healing that to my surprise was far from perfect. And I hope it can become a home for people knowing perfection is not expected and rather imperfections are embraced.

Stop Being Silent

      Staying silent about the truth of the trauma in my past allowed the sadness to deepen and worsen into depression. Not telling someone because I was afraid how uncomfortable it would make them feel, is what gave the permission in my mind to convince myself I was exaggerating: “It’s no big deal”…

The Power of Reflection

This “healing” journey all started with my journal. My journal allowed me to see things for what they were, and realize the damage that had been done and allowed me to tend to these wounds rather than let them bleed out. My journal is so chaotic. One page I’m writing lines about how at peace…

Health and Wellness

Everything I am doing right now is for my mental health

Whether it be writing, running, reading, journaling. It’s intentional and purposeful. I have tried my best these past couple of months to cut the poison running through out my life. Taking control of it to be quite frank. Everything I am putting into my life is to take back the reigns of my sense of being

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