Starting and Not Knowing Where I’m Heading

I am starting this blog to embrace my creativity rather than doing what I’ve been doing for the past five years and completely hiding it. I have been feeling this crave to share my writing and experiences but have been seriously stumped on how to do so.  

I’ve used writing as an outlet for as long as I can remember. The things I would vent about on the largely lined paper used to be on much lighter topics; complaining about how christina wouldn’t share the swings on the playground, or how my first valentine gave me chocolates and the whole class laughed at me. Then they morphed into a little bit heavier subjects; it wasn’t until just this past year that I started to use my writing as an art rather than just an outlet. 

Writing has helped me heal, helped me come out about things that I swore I would never tell anyone, much less an entire platform. I am beyond grateful for the way my writing has pushed me to understand my feelings and the trauma i have undergone for what it actually is. I’ve been ignoring the demons that live in my head for far too long, and now it is a time to see them for what they are. And I hope my writing will reach people who are ignoring their demons too, and I hope my writing inspires you to look into their eyes instead of looking down when they walk past you. 

Connecting with a community who values mental health and wellness just as much as physical is what I hope for this blog to become. A place where people come to connect with others with the same values, a place where we can stand side by side with our imperfections and not be afraid to embrace them.

I don’t know where I’m going and I think that’s okay. I’ve been pushing off this blog for several months now waiting for the time to be “right”. But I think the worst mistake I can make right now is not doing anything at all.

I think it’s okay as long as I am embracing this moment and every moment forward. 

The time is now, and I’m not going to let potential failure keep me from pursuing potential success.

And to that, I say cheers!

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