Affirmations aren’t Lame

I didn’t learn about affirmations until about two years ago. Before that discovery, I viewed mantras as a cheesy, lame, pointless thing to do in an attempt to make yourself feel better. When I used to hear the word, “affirmation “I used to think of a woman with her hands on her hips chanting, “You are beautiful!” and automatically gag at even the thought of trying it myself. 

Now when I think of affirmations I think of comfort, peace, and manifestation. I think of confidence and self-empowerment. I don’t think of a woman standing in front of a mirror with her hands on her hips, I think of reciting positive thoughts when I’m driving in the car, reciting comforting messages in my head when I’m on the verge of an anxiety attack. Or I think of clearing my mind when it gets cluttered with self-doubt.

I first learned about clearing the stigma of affirmations and mantras in a book called “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero (an amazing read by the way which I just re-read this year) and it helped me erase this stereotypical image I had revolving around affirmations and mantras. 

Affirmations have helped me remember the truths about myself. They helped me clear the false-negative thoughts that were instilled into my brain that were based on the opinions of the outside world. 

Here are some situational affirmations that I have used and loved:

For when I feel ugly inside and out:

– I radiate love, and that love is reflected on to me.

– I am worthy of self-love, and I am overflowing with confidence.

– My body is beautiful, gorgeous, and able.

– I am beautiful on the inside and out, I attract love and positivity.

For when I am filled with doubt:

– I am worthy of love and positive energy; I deserve to thrive.

– I am worthy of all opportunities that are brought into my life. 

– I attract abundance and am worthy of it.

For when anxiety takes over:

– I am not my negative thoughts 

– I can acknowledge the negative things that enter my brain without letting them dwell inside me.

– I am not my anxiety or depression. They do not control me.

– I have the power to let these thoughts go.

– I am okay in this moment (insert deep inhale and exhale here hehe).

– I am okay.

So, I do not say every single one of these every single day, but I do have a few memorized to fit what I need in that specific moment. If none of these examples resonate with what your body needs, make one up or scroll through Pinterest (haha) and find one that does! Affirmations can completely transform your mindset and can be used as a tool to help cope with certain emotions. For these to become your truth, you must want it, not half-ass “eh” kind of want it. You must find a need within yourself to change self-sabotaging beliefs. And while they might feel like lies you’re repeating over and over to yourself at first, the more practice and work you put towards them, the more they will become your truth.

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