Just a Little Overview


I have just recently learned the value of taking care of yourself and tending to our mental health just as much as we do physical. Keeping my mind and mental health strong has helped me understand the importance of building a positive relationship with ourselves before anyone anyone else.

In 2020 I deleted my social media accounts because I found myself bombarded with fake perfection. I got tired of posting the perfect parts of my life when I was dealing with so much negativity. To look for my own approval, rather than from people on the outside looking in, has allowed me to build a relationship with myself filled with love and confidence.

I truly believe we cannot be happy in life until we construct a positive relationship with the thoughts that run so freely in our mind. I take pride in the things I have learned from my mental health journey and accept that I have a long way to go.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to building healthy, well balanced habits where we join together and embrace the imperfections of life!


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The Power of Reflection

This “healing” journey all started with my journal. My journal allowed me to see things for what they were, and realize the damage that had been done and allowed me to tend to these wounds rather than let them bleed out. My journal is so chaotic. One page I’m writing lines about how at peace…

Starting and Not Knowing Where I’m Heading

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